About Me

My artistic journey began at the age of 10 when my family visited my uncle, a surveying engineer with a passion for painting flowers. Despite his professional background, he dedicated his Sundays to creating art in his balcony workshop. Witnessing the magic unfold, I saw my first blank canvas, the vibrant color palette, and the various tools essential to a painter’s craft.

On that memorable day, my uncle gifted me a brush, and it felt like the most enchanting present I could ever receive. This pivotal moment ignited a spark within me, revealing my true calling. By the age of 12, I eagerly enrolled in the High School of Art in my city, marking the official beginning of my artistic journey.

I can’t claim that I was initially drawn to a specific subject, but I’m certain that what I liked and found captivating was femininity. My artistic journey began with portraits, including nudes in pastel. I sensed a magnetic pull towards this theme, particularly in portraying women.

The evolution of my art took a natural turn towards dance and its movements. Given my love for music and admiration for those who dance, I experimented with drawings featuring ballerinas, deeply inspired by Degas’ paintings. In one of my early exhibitions, a visitor, having seen my works before they were mounted, enthusiastically inquired of the exhibition organizers, “Will there be an exhibition with Degas!?” That moment became a turning point, prompting me to delve further into developing my own unique style.

As I engaged in various projects for corporate offices, I began uncovering new solutions and potentials within my artistic style. Guided by the consistent advice of one of my teachers – “Use the expression of your line of drawing” – I explored different styles, ranging from impressionism to abstract. This exploration deepened my understanding of artists like Jackson Pollock. I delved into numerous techniques, such as pastel, pencil, watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic. Each medium brought something new, yet I constantly grappled with the notion of adhering to academic rigor in my creative pursuits.

In January 2019, I made a deliberate decision to take a sheet of paper and draw without preconceived notions, eliminating any predetermined ideas. This approach led to the gradual emergence of new elements, distinctly different from my previous works and increasingly mature.

A serendipitous event occurred after watching Jackson Pollock’s film multiple times – the desire to transition from drawing to painting. Despite an unintentional mishap where a favored brush bent while stored in a jar, this incident prompted me to experiment further. Using diluted acrylic with the consistency of a thicker cough syrup marked the beginning of a new artistic direction.

Currently, my distinct style is gaining recognition. It provides me with maximum freedom of expression, allowing me to highlight the beauty of dance, the fluidity of movements, the dynamic nature of composition, and an overall sense of freedom.


Graduate College of Arts “Octav Bancila” Department of Graphic Art, in 1993 lasi / ROMANIA
Graduated from the University of Arts “George Enescu” lasi Class of 1998
Full member of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania – lasi Branch since 2007

Participating in exhibitions:

1997 – Participation in collective exhibition “STUDFEST 6th edition” Timișoara (2 artworks)

1998 – collective exhibition composed of – advertising graphics, easel graphics, engraving and book object, “CUPOLA” Galleries IAȘI (5 artworks)

1998 – participation in engraving exhibition and published in the presentation catalog of the Small Engraving Triennial hosted by Tama Art University in Tokyo (2 works)

2002 – participation in the TVR IASI collective exhibition – (2 pastel artworks – portrait)

2003 – personal exhibition “ROTONDA” Hall (within the IASI University of Medicine).

2003 – Published works of painting, tempera and pastel in Revista culturala Timpul – no. 9 of November 2003

2004 – Published with a photos in the cultural magazine Timpul – no. 4 of April 2004

2004 – Participation in the Triennial engraving exhibition of Small Engraving realized by Tama Art University Tokyo (2 artworks)

2005 – Participation in collective exhibition together with “ERASMUS” students at the “George Enescu” University of Arts Iași (3 artworks)

2012 – Personal exhibition of painting and graphics “Portrete. Female Poses”, hosted by the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Museum in Iași, in the Attic Hall.

2015 – Personal exhibition of painting and graphics “Documenter les gestes” exhibition hosted by the French Institute in Iasi

2016 – Mural project composed of 14 drawings illustrating the “Amazon Principles” with dimensions of 10x3m as part of a design project for the AMAZON Iasi office building

2019 – Participation in the “International Festival of Education 2019” (2 artworks)

2019 – Personal exhibition of painting and graphics “3. Documenter les gestes” opened at the Victoria Gallery in Iași

2019 – Abstract painting project composed of 12 works on canvas as part of a design project for the AMAZON Iasi office building

2020 – Participation in the Annual Art Show “ARTIS 2020”, organized by the Union of Visual Artists from Romania – Iași Branch and Iași City Hall

2021 – Personal drawing exhibition “A red circle” opened at the Nicolaie Tonitza Gallery in Iași

2021 – Painting project composed of 17 large works on canvas within a design project for an AMAZON office building in Iasi where the 14 Amazon principles were illustrated.

2022 – Personal exhibition “LUCIFERIC DANCE. THE LOST HORN OF THE UNICORN.” Art gallery Th.Pallady, of the Union of Visual Artists from IASI

2022 – Participation in the exhibition “NICOLAE TONITZA” INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART, 4th edition, “Vasile Pârvan” Museum, Bârlad.

2022 – Personal exhibition at Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest – “Rhythms of Being.”

2023 – OLD TOWN – 450 square meters of wallpaper with personalized drawings with the “Old Town” theme, where the emblematic buildings of the city of Iasi are represented, images populated with characters and vintage vehicles that animated the city in the interwar years. The project takes place on 5 levels and was carried out for the arrangement of some offices within the Palas Campus complex.

2023 – INDUSTRIAL – 12 OSB panels drawn with black acrylic representing buildings that were part of the old industrialized area of ​​Iasi, which are represented like oversized postcards.


2024 – Personal exhibition THE OBJECT that was opened in Iasi at the Absida Gallery and in Suceava at the Bucovina Library “I. G. Sbiera”.

2024 – Group exhibition within the Art’98 project – generation 1993-1998 graduates of the George Enescu University of Arts from Iasi