Last mural project

15 Artworks for 7 hills

Artworks for Office

New projects need strong roots, they need to grow on solid foundations; the innovations of the present can only develop harmoniously by assuming the values of the past. Starting from these ideas, Iulian Copăcel proposes, through his plastic compositions, a unique representation of the principles of leadership (specific to the organizational culture of Amazon) in close relation with a series of defining aspects for the cultural identity of Iași. This association becomes all the more significant as Iași is a complex space, full of history, in which culture, spiritual life and economic development intertwine.

The visual message of the works takes shape by reference to the geographical coordinates of the historical and cultural capital of Moldova, the components being structured according to the connotations of the seven hills on which rise important monuments or religious buildings (7 hills): Breazu, Bucium, Cetățuia, Copou, Galata, Repeatea and Șorogari. These symbols refer to the centers of medieval culture, with a strategic role in defending and transmitting from generation to generation Romanian values and traditions, in difficult circumstances, with limited resources. Finally, extrapolating the idea in the direction of organizational culture, we can talk about assuming identity, about broad / forward thinking and pursuing long-term values (to the detriment of immediate results, easy to obtain). In addition, the success of these actions depends directly on the efficiency of resource management, the constraints leading to the discovery of new constructive solutions.

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