First day

I don’t know if if will be the final name for this project, but the idea is a “Self-portrait” / “EGO – the inside and outside view”

A self-portrait is a way of showing how you see yourself and how others people see you. It can also be a form of self-expression and exploration. Some artists use self-portraits to communicate their emotions, thoughts, or experiences. Others use them to experiment with different styles, techniques, or media. Some self-portraits are realistic, while others are abstract or symbolic. There is no right or wrong way to make a self-portrait, as long as it reflects your own identity and personality.

My selportret is a artwork consists of 15 canvas panels, each measuring 1m high and 1m wide, arranged in a horizontal line. The panels form a continuous frieze that depicts a chaotic and controlled dance of human figures, and abstract shapes. The dance is inspired by the rhythms, the harmony of movement, and the musicality of gesture. Here I used two techniques, such as different sizes of brush strokes, vibrated lines and even other interventions such as scratches or erased areas, to create a dynamic and expressive composition and the classical charcoal for the small drawing with the portret. The colours are mostly monochromatic, with shades of gray, brown, and black, punctuated by occasional flashes of pure red color.

The dance will be ended by two panels that contain a texts written by me and a small size drawing with me. The texts give a brief introduction about me. The texts will not explain the concept and the meaning of the work, will let the viewer to have his own personal experience and interpretation. The text is a handwritten in a simple and direct style like a page from a personal note, without any embellishments or pretensions.

The last panel is different from the rest. It shows a small drawing made in a very realistic style. The drawing is a self-portrait of me, made with charcoal on paper. The will be a classical framed drawing, creating a contrast between the roughness of the canvas, the abstract look with powerful touch and the delicacy of drawing on paper, between the realism of the portrait and the abstraction of the dance.

The work of art is an exhibition of a single work, but also a work of many parts. It is a self-portrait that shows the artist’s inner and outer self, reveling the duality and complexity, diversity and unity. It is a work that invites the viewer to reflect on their own identity and perception using his oun creativity and imagination.

The process continues, the work is in progress, I will come back with Phase 2

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