Rhythms of Being

June 22- July 19, 2022

Between June 22 and July 19, 2022, Elite Art Gallery hosts the personal exhibition of the artist Iulian Copăcel, entitled Rhythms of Being.

Present for the first time on the screens of Elite Art Gallery, Iulian Copăcel proposes for visualization and visual understanding a series of two-dimensional works made in techniques that diffuse from the graphic to the pictorial spectrum. In his compositions made without defined centers of interest, the author gesturally expresses the synchronous dynamics of the gestures displayed by the characters.

Rendering the intrinsic rhythm of anthropomorphic or zoomorphic silhouettes is the basis of the whole concept, the approach around which the works are built and shared with the public. Through the rhythmicity used to describe the gestures of the characters or rather, their appearances, the author manages to reproduce the harmony of the whole, suggesting sonorities, endowing it with musicality.

The main element of expression that Iulian Copăcel uses with ease and skill is the line. In its multiple modulated poses, the line contours, accentuates or even cancels landmarks.

The chromatic dominants chosen by the author tend to be part of a monochrome spectrum, with multiple poses of colored grays, muted browns, vibrated by the punctual, controlled presence of pure color pulsations.

The exhibition is open to the public, starting from Wednesday, June 22, 2022 between 11:00 and 19:00, Monday to Friday. Access is free.

More details about the Elite Art Gallery series of exhibition events are available on our Facebook page and at http://www.eliteart-gallery.com/

Elite Art Gallery aims to promote contemporary visual artists, by organizing extensive cultural projects, which expose to the public new forms of artistic expression, innovative approaches to contemporary art, as well as already established values. The association implements projects in the field of visual arts, music, but also educational projects.

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